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Adoption Attorneys in Austin, TX

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Adoption often results in a wonderful addition to your family, but the long and challenging process can take its toll. Having a skilled and experienced Austin adoption lawyer on your side can provide you with sound legal advice throughout this potentially stressful period.

Our lawyers who are Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization at Stinson Moyle, PLLC can deliver legal representation during the entire adoption process that focuses on the needs of you, your family, and the child.

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The Adoption Processes in Texas

Adoptions can take one of several different forms, depending on the level of contact or the relationship between the involved parties. In open adoptions, the biological and adoptive parents meet prior to the adoption and maintain contact after the process is complete. Closed adoptions are when both sets of parents do not have any contact before or after the adoption.

What is a Family Adoption?

A family adoption happens when a child is adopted by a:

  • Stepparent
  • Grandparent
  • Other relative

Prospective parents are able to adopt children through:

  • A private adoption agency
  • An international adoption agency
  • Child Protective Services

Adoptions of children residing in Texas happen after the parental rights of one or both birth parents are terminated. Even after parental rights are terminated and the adoptive parents file a petition with the Court, it can still be a long process involving an in-depth case study.

There are many criteria that must be met in order for the adoption to be approved by the Court, but the Austin family law attorneys at Stinson Moyle, PLLC can provide you with focused and knowledgeable representation throughout the entire process.

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