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Benefits of Mediating Your Texas Divorce

Could mediation benefit my divorce case?

Obtaining a divorce can be a lengthy, costly, and contentious process. When most people think of divorce, they automatically conjure images of a courtroom and judge. However, in Texas, most divorcing spouses will be required to go through mediation before their divorce case can proceed to trial. During the mediation process, trained third party mediators will work with you and your soon to be ex-spouse to come to a mutual understanding about property division, child custody, alimony, and more. Spouses that can reach a final settlement could avoid trial altogether.

Benefits to Mediation

There are several crucial reasons to proceed with mediation rather than litigating a divorce. To realize these benefits, divorcing spouses should enter mediation in good faith with an experienced Texas mediation lawyer by their side. Mediation could offer the following benefits:

  1. You’re in control: If your divorce case goes to court, it will be litigated by attorneys and decided on by a judge. By achieving a successful agreement in mediation, you and your spouse have complete control over the outcome of the case.
  2. Cost savings: Going to trial will be costly for both you and your spouse. Attorney’s fees, court costs, expert witness fees, and other expenses could significantly impact your bank account. Mediation costs are considerably less than the amount you could spend on litigation.
  3. Less animosity: The mediation process is collaborative, rather than adversarial. Unlike litigation, which often pits spouses against one another, a mediation could bring you closer together. Avoiding hostility will greatly benefit any children involved, and could benefit both spouses moving forward in life.
  4. You can move on sooner: Divorce litigation can take several months and at times even years to complete. During this time, you may feel that you are in limbo. Your new life is on hold. With a successful mediation, you can typically complete the divorce far faster so that you can move on with your new life.

Mediation is not right for all divorces, but it can benefit many. Contact the Austin, Texas mediation lawyers at Stinson Moyle, PLLC for skilled assistance with your divorce case.