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Tips to Negotiate a Strong Divorce Settlement

Do I need a divorce attorney to negotiate a divorce settlement?

Negotiating a divorce settlement can save you and your spouse time and money, but negotiations are complex. Negotiations can become particularly heated when they involve two people who must reach such a monumental decision as the division of their marriage. Reaching a strong divorce settlement will take skill and the assistance of a strong divorce lawyer. Our Austin, Texas divorce lawyers discuss some tips to negotiate your best divorce settlement below.

Come Prepared

Before your first negotiation session, you will need to meet with your divorce lawyer and develop a game plan. You should make a list of objectives you want to achieve in negotiations, and a list of secondary goals that you may be willing to compromise on. Your divorce lawyer will help you to sort through your thoughts and reach a conclusion as to what you can afford to negotiate and what is personally acceptable to you.

Think Logically

When you enter into your first divorce negotiation session with your lawyer by your side, it is best that you prepare yourself to use logical thinking. Divorce is an emotional subject, but allowing your emotions to guide your negotiation session can hinder effective negotiations. Go into the conference with concrete thoughts as to what you wish to accomplish, but remain open to reason. Reaching an understanding as to your spouse’s position will help you to effectively argue for your own stance.

Keep Your Cool

Divorces can be adversarial, but when entering into divorce negotiations it is imperative that you keep your cool. Getting upset or angry will not help you to accomplish your goal of reaching a strong divorce settlement. Rather than allowing your emotions to get the best of you, keep a level head and use cool down periods as an opportunity to decompress from the stress of negotiations.

Divorce negotiations are high stakes, but armed with the assistance of a skilled divorce lawyer you can achieve your goal of ending your marriage through settlement. It is essential that you have a divorce attorney by your side to ensure your objectives are fully represented and your legal rights protected.