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Divorce and the Holidays

The holidays should be a time of joy, fun, and family, but for those who have recently divorced or separated from their significant other, the holidays can prove difficult. Choosing to navigate the holidays with grace rather than dread can help you to emerge from the season a stronger person. If you have children, it becomes all the more important to put the children first and embrace the holiday cheer. The following is a list of tips that can help you survive your first holiday post-divorce.

  1. Create new traditions: You likely had a set of traditions that you and your family adhered to pre-divorce. Now is the time to create new traditions that reflect the changes in your life. Think of what brings joy to you and your children and make traditions that revolve around these things.
  2. Cooperate with your ex for the children’s sake: All parents want to spend the holidays with their children, but it is important for divorced parents to put the children first and reach a parenting time compromise. Set a schedule for sharing time with the children and keep exchanges between you and your ex as positive as possible.
  3. Be patient with your emotions: It is normal and natural to feel upset or overwhelmed heading into the holiday season without your spouse. Allow yourself to feel any emotions that come with the holidays. Make some time for yourself and identify the good changes to come in your life.
  4. Reach out to friends and family: Good friends and loved family members can be a lifeline during times of turmoil. Ask your friends and family for support. Get together with your loved ones to feel merrier. Be sure to reach out when you need a helping hand, friendly face, or simply a distraction.
  5. Give yourself a gift: Chances are that during your marriage, you and your spouse exchanged gifts during the holidays. This holiday season, buy yourself something that you will enjoy. Relish in treating yourself during this first holiday season on your own.

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