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Pop Star Iggy Azalea's Common Law Marriage

What is required to form a common law marriage in TX?

Most of us go the traditional route when getting married. Usually, we find someone to officiate and have some type of ceremony, whether it is religious or otherwise. But, did you know that you could be considered married in the State of Texas without having a ceremony of any kind. This is called common law marriage and is at the center of a lawsuit involving Australian born pop star Iggy Azalea.

Maurice Williams, a Texas rap producer, who recently changed his name to Enzo Wienberg, is claiming that he and Azalea entered into a common law marriage shortly after Azalea came to the United States. This supposedly took place in 2008 when Azalea was still a teen. Williams claims the couple was in love and that he still cares for Azalea. Azalea denies all of these claims.

This begs the question: what is required for a common law marriage? In Texas, a couple can be considered married if they meet three requirements. First, the parties must agree to be married. Second, the couple must live in Texas as husband and wife. Third, the couple must hold themselves out as married. Minors under 18 and those that are related cannot enter into a common law marriage in Texas.

Now, Williams has filed for divorce from Azalea. Azalea has in turn accused him of all types of bad behavior. In the wake of the divorce proceedings, a new lawsuit involving the couple has popped up. William’s is alleging that his divorce filing prompted Azalea’s legal team to get a criminal bond he was subject to revoked. Williams has since filed suit against the bail bondsmen he was working with.

This case, like many divorce actions, is extremely complicated. If you are considering a divorce it is in your best interest to consult with an Austin, Texas matrimonial attorney today.