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Texas Man Sleeps on Front Lawn for Five Months in Fierce Divorce Stand-off

Divorce can be difficult, but working with the right attorney can help stave off situations like that out of Seabrook, Texas. According to reports, a 69-year old divorce litigant was reduced to sleeping on the front lawn of his multi-million-dollar home – a situation which went on for nearly five months before being finally resolved in the divorce courts. While undoubtedly a wild example, it is not uncommon for seemingly simple divorces to take a turn for the worse, which is why working with an experienced family law attorney is an essential step in the process.

Allegedly, the 69-year old was facing allegations of spousal abuse by his wife, which he has staunchly and publicly denied. Nonetheless, a Texas judge ordered him to stay out of the marital home for the duration of the divorce proceedings. In protest, the man has remained a permanent fixture in the front yard of the home, living out of the family dog house, and encouraging the neighbors to inquire into the situation. In a statement to the media, the man stated that he remains on the lawn as an embarrassment to his wife, and so that “[p]eople will know, the neighbors and everything else. Everybody will ask her, put her down, let her know what you’re doing to your husband.”

While stories like this serve as fodder for the news media, this is certainly not an ideal for couples facing divorce – particularly if abuse allegations are involved. With the help of a competent and knowledgeable divorce attorney,you can navigate the divorce process with as little conflict as possible – without anyone having to sleep on the lawn!